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Where can aerial-taken materials be used?


In hotels and  recruiting  objects advertisements.

- verification of the building conditions (to which access is impeded)

- building plots (they appear more attractive from bird's-eye view, thus they can be sold more quickly)

- inspection and control of roofs and church domes as well as their buick assessment

- fetes and entertainments

- wedding outdoor session

- community and city coverages and enhancing their atractiveness

- … and many others, depending on your invention


We offer you filming services as well as aerial photography, that is, a bird’s-eye view photography. Aicrafts, called drones, enable to achieve unique shots from places that flying objects such as  helicopters, motor hang-gliders or planes are not able to reach. Due to small size, we are able to make shots from city centres, between buildings or even in their insides.
We are able to accept etery offer and we cooperate with each client to make him or her fully satisfied.


Our offer is excellent when it comes to advertising films of various companies, cities, hotels, sports and cultural events, weddings, monuments or city panoramas. Thanks to drones, it is possibile to monitor mass events, relate current occurences and document investments. We have operated in a quarry and inside churches. Moreover, we have filmed other flying objects above the sea. Due to manual abilities and experience, we take very dynamic shots during displays or car racings. Our only limitations are imagination, weather conditions and aviation law regulations.    


It is a dozen times cheaper to use a service of unmanned aircraft than to hire a manned machine, for example a helicopter, thus this is not a problem to repeat shots without generating additional cost. The range of the flying equipment, which is up to one kilometer, is enough both for amateur and professional productions.


Our flying equipment has got suspended cameras which enable to make films not only in Full HD, but also in 4K quality. The pictures are taken in 17 mln pixel definition. The cameras are electronically stabilized within all three axes and isolated from vibrations; therefore, the image is smooth and resistant to outer factors such as wind. You can read more about our equipment in the „What whe fly with” sections.


Depending on conditions and the content of material, we use either a smaller quadrocopter or a bigger hexacopter. A vital difference between the two machines is the type of suspended camera they use; therefore, its performing abilities. In most cases, the smaller, more mobile machine is enough.
Filming:  a shooting day (up to 3 hours on the premises, up to 45 mins of shooting material from a bird’s-eye view)
Hexacopter (GoPro Hero 3 Black +) : price to negotiations
Hexacopter (Panasonic GH4 + Lumix G Vario 7-14 mm f/4.0) :price to negotiations
Photo session (up to 200 photos): Hexacopter- price to negotiations
You receive raw recordings for a further processing within your own scope. Assembling service starts from 250 Euro  net.



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